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the connected helmet, by hoot

HOOT Labs' IoT experts have placed the security of cyclists at the heart of their development. HOOT's innovative technologies, developed in France, can be integrated into all types of helmets without modifying their characteristics and performance.


HOOT is working with helmet manufacturers to identify the best implementation of these custom IoT technologies to combine security and connectivity.

our connected solutions

bone conduction helmet hoot iot

audio with bone conduction

The bone conduction audio system allows the cyclist to listen to music or receive a call while continuing to hear the ambient sounds.


Connected by Bluetooth on Smartphone, this system eliminates the auditory isolation and provides better security for the cyclist.

brake light

Classic or emergency, braking is detected by an accelerometer and activates the lights on the helmet.

This system allows a better visibility of the cyclist on the road, both during the day and at night.

hoot bike brake light helmet iot
hoot bike iot warning light helmet integrated

fall detection

Equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, this system precisely locates the cyclist in case of a fall or accident, and activates the warning lights on the helmet.

His family members are alerted by SMS and informed of his precise GPS position for a faster assistance.

position light

Integrated directly into the helmet, the position lights on the front and rear of the helmet are activated using a remote control included with the lighting system.

Be visible both day and night for safe driving.

hoot labs iot helmet lights smart connected
hoot labs iot helmet light integrated

turning light

Connected to the remote control included with the system, the turning lights clearly indicate the cyclist's direction change.

These integrated lights will provide cyclists with optimal security on the road.


HOOT Labs' IoT experts are at your disposal for all your information: integration, design, custom equipment, production, etc.

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